Are you marketing to your target audience’s needs?

Your audience is crucial to your marketing efforts!

Seems obvious but it is amazing how often the audience get left out of a company’s social media efforts.

Social media is a conversation with your audience.


Can you truly say that you know and understand your audience and their needs?

Who are you aiming your blog, your website, your marketing communications at?

Pam Moore is asking this question on her latest post 8 Things You Must Know About Your Audience to Inspire and Connect in Social Media.  She has some great questions you really should be asking yourself about your audience so that you can establish if you are hitting your communications targets. The fundamental question she asks is are you serving up what your audience really needs and wants? It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking you are, but check out Pam’s post to see if that is really true of your efforts.

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2 responses to “Are you marketing to your target audience’s needs?”

  1. Lorna - Garrendenny Lane says :

    Wow, there is so much to think about in that blog post. Indeed, while business owners can do the research, I do think there needs to be a couple of heads bouncing against each other to ensure their message is delivered with the appropriate tone, message, content, appeal etc because it can be very easy to be too close and not be analytical enough. Lots of food for thought there.

  2. WiseMona says :

    I agree with Lorna. A lot of very useful information and a reminder to stay tuned to your blog and readers. I love the name ‘write on track’…well done!

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