Six Advantages of Business Blogging

Are you thinking of setting up a blog for your business? Wondering if it is going to be worth the time and effort?  Most businesses have a website now or if they don’t, they are thinking of setting one up. It might be on the long finger but it is there on the ‘to do’ list.  However, no matter how well a website is optimised, if it doesn’t  have fresh content regularly it isn’t going to perform as well in the search engines as you would like. Therefore, it is a good idea to have a blog integrated into your website from the start.

Why is a business blog a good idea?

1. Good Customer Service: Think of your blog as your friendly doorman.  If you’ve ever been to Harrods, those men in smart uniforms will have opened the door for you, nodded a greeting, and answered any queries you have.  If you have a bricks and mortar shop, you will have staff there ready to answer any queries in a friendly manner. Your blog has the scope to communicate the message that your company is knowledgeable,  friendly and approachable .

2.  Search Engine Optimisation: By using the google keyword research tool, you will know the value of the keywords you are using and if they are ‘highly searched’ keywords.

3. Showcase:  You will be able to showcase your products and services with images and/or videos.  Just as a bricks and mortar shop will change its shop and window displays, your blog is the perfect vehicle to showcase your stock and your services.

4. Benefits for the customer: By focusing on the customer and the benefits that your products or services can bring them rather than just promoting your products will ensure the customer is placed centre stage and will enjoy the ideas and the attention.

5. Expertise: You are establishing yourself as an expert in your field by writing knowledgeable posts on particular topics and services in your field.

6.  Communication: A website tends to offer one way communication. People come, read and make a decision. If they wish to get in touch, they will either email or telephone. Your blog offers much more scope for two way communication via the commenting facility.

Your blog  should be the core of any social media strategy, use it well with  other social media platforms to help your business grow.  If you require blog coaching or any other asssistance, do get in contact with Marie or myself.  Lorna

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I'm a copywriter and social media consultant at, I teach social media online at and my personal blog Irish Farmerette recounts stories about life on a dairy farm in rural Ireland.

3 responses to “Six Advantages of Business Blogging”

  1. Lisa McGee aka Nenaghgal says :

    Great post Lorna- good tips and certainly easy to see what a blog can do. I like the comparison to a shop window- that paints the perfect picture.

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