How To Add An Image To Your Blog Post

If you are a beginner blogger, you may be wondering how to add an image to your blog post.

Place your cursor where you want to put the image, then click the button beside where it says Upload/Insert.

How to Add Images to Your Post

If the image is in a folder on your computer, click my computer, then click Choose File, select the image from the folder and click upload.

Then you need to fill out some information, this information makes a difference to the SEO (search engine optimisation) of your blog so it is worth taking a few seconds to do it. Fill out the title, alt tag and the description.  If you are selling a featured product, it is worthwhile adding the url of that product to the link URL bar, then if someone clicks on the picture, it will bring them directly to that page.

Helping to improve the SEO of your image

Then decide if you would like the image to be to the left, centre or right of your page (this also affects where the text goes, ie selecting the left option means that the text will be wrapped around the next image as you’ll see I have done).

Select the size that you would like the image to be and then click on Insert into Post and it’s done for you.

What is ‘Use as featured image’ all about?

It means that the image you select to use as a featured image is then the photograph that is shown if anyone links to that blog post. It will show up as a thumbnail on any facebook or google+ links for example.  However, if your wordpress theme allows custom header images and has the facility of ‘featured header image enabled‘ then the feature image will become the header image on that post or page. Handy if you want to have different headers on different pages of your blog e.g. the About Us page.

If you have any questions, do ask.  Marie and I freely admit to being very non-technical and you will never find us spouting about complicated code or anything like that.  We speak in plain English and hope you found this explanation of adding an image simple to use and helpful.

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  1. Gianna says :

    Just love the simplicty and ease of explanations in your blog lorna

  2. Wendy McCarthy says :

    Just discovered your excellent blog – it’s a graet resource for us newbies

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