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Embedding a Tweet in a Blog Post – How & Why

Teaching a class on social media this week, I was asked why and how would a blogger place a ‘tweet within a box’ in a blog post.  As always when asked a question, I guessed if one person is wondering the answer, then it may indeed be a question on the lips of many so I decided to make it the topic of this week’s Find It Friday post.

Why Embed a Tweet in a Blog Post?

1. Embedding a tweet brings more attention to a tweet that you or somebody else has written, particularly as they are enclosed within a box and other graphical elements.

2. The follow box within the embedded tweet will work so people can follow you from the embedded tweet.

3. If there is a link to another website, a link to a video or a photograph within the embedded tweet, the link will work.

4. You could share any favourited tweets, particularly good for those tweets when people have said nice things about you, such as testimonials or interesting comments on your blog post.

5. If your blog topic is based on a twitter chat or a hashtag, embedding some of the tweets will make the post more interesting and more visual.

How to Embed a Tweet in your Blog Post:

1. Go to Twitter.com and either click on your account to find your tweets or identify a tweet you wish to embed.

2. Hover over the top right of the tweet where it will say ‘reply, delete, favourite and open’ – click open.

3. Once you have clicked open, the tweet will appear on its own.

4. Click ‘Details’

5. Click ’embed this tweet’.

6. Then copy (control + c) the html code from the box that appears and paste (control and V)  it into your blog post. Remember to click your alignment choice before you copy it.

7. And here is the embedded tweet for you to see. (by the way, it won’t appear in a box when you paste it in the dashboard but is enclosed once you click ‘publish’.)

8. You can even embed a whole conversation that includes replies.

Do you think you would embed tweets within a blog post? Can you think of any other uses for embedded tweets?

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