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15 Questions To Ask Before You Publish Your Next Blog Post

Here’s a brilliant infographic from ProBlogger which neatly outlines the questions you should be asking before you hit publish on your next blog post.  We recommend you print it out or keep it on your desktop and refer to it each time you finish a blog post to keep you right on track with your blogging.

Click this link to view a larger version of this infographic.

How to write the perfect blog post


Too hard to read? Click on image to see a larger version of this infographic

Comparison of the most popular blogging platforms (infographic)

Back in February, Lorna wrote a post outlining the pros and cons of two of the most popular blogging platforms – WordPress and Blogger. Today, we bring you an infographic with some interesting statistics, comparing some of the leading blog platforms out there.

Blogging Platforms Compared - Infographic

NB: WordPress DOES have a preview button, an oversight on this infographic. 

The Dos and Don’ts for a Successful Call to Action (Infographic)

Earlier this month Lorna wrote a post on The Best 7 Calls To Action. To go along with Lorna’s excellent advice, I’d like to share the following infographic on the dos and don’ts for a successful call to action. If you have difficulty reading the size of the text, click here to see Litmus original. Enjoy!

Creating Calls to Action

How To Get More Pins and Repins On Pinterest [Infographic]

Dan Zarrella of HubSpot has put together this infographic on how to get more “pins” on your Pinterest account. Not surprisingly design images are the most repinned content, but more surprisingly taller images are more repinable ( because pinterest pulls images down to a specified width, you can get more attention with taller pins).

I’ve noticed that infographics (taller images) are very popular repins – indeed very popular throughout websites and blogs – and I mentioned creating infographics as a blogging strategy to be considered at the launch of Write on Track at KLCK Bloggers Network on Monday evening.

So, if you are interested in learning more, tune in for tomorrow’s regular Find It Friday slot where I will be answering the question – how do I create an infographic for my blog?


Time’s Ticking on new Facebook Timeline

Great cheat sheet for Facebook Timeline

Time’s ticking on the switchover to the new look Facebook for business timeline. If you have not yet converted your page, it will automatically convert on March 30th.

In Mari Smith’s latest post, she covers the main things you need to know to make the switchover and even if you’ve already switched, you’ll still find some great tips.

Stuck for something to write on your blog? Try these tips

This is a great infographic from Copyblogger to help you generate content ideas when you are stuck for something to write on your blog.  

What’s your favourite tip?