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How to make sure your blog is set up for indexing by Google

Welcome to  Find It Friday in which we help you find the answers to your how to blog questions. 

The Question 

How do I make sure I’m set up for indexing by Google?

Today’s question is aimed at those of you who are in the process of setting up a WordPress blog. It’s easy to miss a step when you are starting out, and sometimes beginners overlook this one.

The Answer

Usually you don’t want Google to index your pages while you are building your site, but do remember to change your settings when your site is ready to go  live.

Go to Settings > Privacy.

Here, you will see three Site Visibility options.  Click Allow search engines to index this site. This allows everyone to read your blog and enables your blog to be included in search engine results and other content sites.

If you have any questions on how to blog you would like us to answer in our next Find It Friday, then leave a comment below, or contact us on our Facebook page. 

How NOT To Pitch To Bloggers

Today’s topic is slightly off topic for Write on Track, but still relevant if you are considering our previous advice on offering to write guest posts for other blogs and websites, or you have a product or service you would like other bloggers to write about.

Marketing and Public Relations people often pitch to bloggers in an effort to get their product or service featured on leading blogs.  As the owner and manager of several blogs which range from business to health and science related content, I am pitched to on a daily basis. The majority of the emails I receive go straight to trash. A quick glance at the first line is enough for me to decide whether it is worth my time reading through to the end of the email. This might sound harsh, but when I open an email that says “Hi Blogger”, or simply “Hi”, without being addressed by my name, I know that far from this pitch being tailored to me, it is a generic email with no attention to whom it has been sent.

Here is an example of an email I received last week:


We are interested in forming a content relationship with (Insert Blog Name). Our writers can construct a carefully researched guest article for your site. The aim is unique and interesting content for your readers to enjoy. Our goal is to provide high quality content that can naturally attract traffic and links. This way we both win! We just ask that we can place one reference in the article or bio back to our site.  Our site is an education site for students researching college options.

Strike Out

My name is clearly visible on my site, so strike one for not including it. Strike two for Insert Blog Name. The email goes on to list examples of what they can provide, completely unrelated to the content on my health blog, so strike three for irrelevant content.

I’ve had it up to here with bad pitches, so these are my tips on how to do it right!

Pitching To Bloggers – How To Do It Right

1. Do Your Research And Make It Relevant

A simple Google search will help you to find blogs relevant to your product or business. But, don’t stop there. When you have identified relevant blogs, visit the site, check the kinds of posts and the audience s/he writes for, and make doubly sure your pitch is relevant to them.

2. Personalize It

Read and comment on their blog posts, engage with them on Twitter and try to build up a relationship with them before you pitch. Of course, try to do all this without looking like a stalker!  When someone sends me a pitch that sounds as if they know me, are familiar with my work and genuinely think that what they are pitching is a good fit, I will always consider their pitch carefully, and more times than not, end up featuring them.

3.Don’t Send a Mass Email

The blogging community is small in niche blogs. I know when the same email has been sent to a number of bloggers in my community, with the exact same pitch and spiel.

4. Make It Brief

Honing your pitch to a few relevant sentences will increase your chances of being read. You can always provide links to further information, an attached press release and your telephone number and other contact details if the blogger wishes to follow up on your email.

When Pitching Works

I have established a long term relationship with a publishing company, who send me their newly released titles  (relevant to my health blog) for review. They got their pitch right to me from day one, and we have had a good mutually beneficial working relationship for the past three years. I know they won’t pitch me anything that isn’t a good fit for my blog and my readers, and they know they will get an unbiased, trustworthy review and their product in front of a large number of readers. To quote the hapless pitcher from my failed pitch above – “”this way we both win!”

Do you have any questions or observations on blogger outreach you would like share with us?

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Calling All Irish Furniture, Gift & Interiors Businesses

If you are an interiors, gift or furniture business based in Ireland, you may be interested in this competition that will ensure that more of your target market will view your products. House and Home magazine have launched a ‘Pick It’ service on their website whereby users can create mood boards from the magazine’s gallery pages but also from products featured from Irish shops.  If you have an online shop, the facility is there whereby the user can click the product and be brought to your site in a new tab and they can then purchase the item if they wish.

Apart from the increased brand awareness and profile building, this will also increase the number of back links to your website from a related site which is good in terms of SEO juice.

The subscription for the winning business will last for a year and carries a value of €487.

You can enter the competition on the Garrendenny Lane by leaving a comment on the blog, names will be drawn this Friday. If you know of an interiors, gift or furniture business (online or offline) that would be interested, do let them know.

How to use Yahoo to drive more traffic to your site

Have you ever typed a question into a search engine and found yourself directed to Yahoo! answers?

Simply put, Yahoo! answers is a site where people can find answers to their questions. Chances are you will do a quick scan of the replies and chose the answer which comes from the expert source as the one to take note of.

One of the best reasons to write a blog is in order to position yourself as an expert in your field. So why not take the next logical step and join in by posting answers to other users’ questions in your area of expertise!

How will this bring traffic to your site?

  • Readers can visit your Yahoo! answers profile where you will have a link to your blog or website.
  • As I mentioned in the opening paragraph Yahoo! Answers ranks well on search engines.

So start using Yahoo! answers to position yourself as an expert in your field. All you need to get started is a Yahoo! email and well crafted answers to people’s queries and you will soon be on your way to being recognised as the niche expert that you are.