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Thursday’s Blogging Tip #4

Today’s blogging tip is to remember that your potential customers are not telepathic, they need to be asked/told what you want them to do.  At the end of each business blog post, you must make a simple request – be it to follow you on twitter, become a fan on facebook, leave a comment or direct them to where they might purchase the product you have written about.

Thursday’s Tip for Successful Blogging

Here at Write on Track, I am grasping the nettle, throwing down the gauntlet and seizing the day! Well, that might sound a little dramatic for a 15 second video each week but for someone who doesn’t enjoy being videoed, it is a big deal!

Two weeks ago, I attended a workshop as part of KLCK Bloggers network and Amanda from Spiderworking gave an excellent practical teaching slot.  Each participant  created a 15 second video including a tip in their business area.

My challenge to myself (and Marie) is that we will produce a very very short video for every Thursday providing one tip in each video for successful blogging. I hope you enjoy them and find them useful 🙂