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Wondering how you can leverage your business and participate in the growing area of social networking through business blogging? 

In this new era of social networking, business blogging has become an extremely effective and affordable way for businesses to drive more traffic to their website, position themselves as experts in their industry, humanize their company, improve customer relations and promote products and services.

Fact: B2B companies that blog generate 67% more leads per month than those who do not(Source: Hubspot, State of Inbound Marketing Lead Generation Report, 2010)


‎”It takes a lot of work to have a company blog and your approach is not a decision to be taken lightly. Your blogging strategy will have a powerful impact on the direction of your entire social media effort” ~ Schaefer Marketing Solutions

If you feel that you could benefit from some expert advice in developing your blogging strategy, we can help!

As web marketing and communications specialists, with a combined wealth of experience in business blogging, social networking, marketing and PR, we can provide you with a professional and affordable solution to all your business blogging needs.

Our packages are tailored to your specific needs.

Level One – Blog Coaching
Designed for businesses who already have a company blog,  but need some help with determining how to use it to reach their strategic goals, grow their blog community, and write SEO friendly posts.

Level Two – Outsourcing Blog Content
This package gives you the option of outsourcing your blog content to us and we will write your blog posts for you. We can provide you with dynamic and creative content to motivate and engage your customers and prospects and are skilled at interweaving key words into our posts so that we can maximise your search engine optimisation (SEO) results. To learn more about how outsourcing blog content works check out this article by Lorna.

Level Three – Social Media Integration
This package will take you to the next level by integrating Twitter, Facebook and other social media networks into your blogging strategy. We can set up Facebook and Twitter accounts for your business and help you promote your services on multiple social networking platform. We will walk you through the process of managing these accounts yourself, or you can choose the option of having them managed by us.

Level Four – Complete Beginners 
If you haven’t started blogging yet, and you want to set up an easy to manage blog, we recommend the WordPress platform (this site is designed and built using a simple WordPress template). We can help you set up your blog on WordPress and show you how to write and publish your first post. If you feel you would benefit from more coaching, you can choose a package that suits you from Level One to Level Three.

Not sure which package is right for you? 
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