Find It Friday: How to drive more traffic to your blog.

Welcome to the Find It Friday in which we help you find the answers to your how to blog questions. 

The Question

This week Jane Collins posted the following question on our Facebook page:

I got a question for you 😉 It’s one you probably get asked a lot I am sure, but what are your top tips for driving more traffic to your blog?

Yes Jane, it is one we get asked a lot! Today I will outline some tips to drive more traffic to your blog, and if you want to learn more check out my slideshare presentation here.

The Answer

14 ways to drive more traffic to your blog

1. Create compelling content that your audience will want to read

2. Write SEO friendly content (Lorna has written a post on this here)

3. Post frequently to your blog, but remember quality wins out over quantity

4. Use great headlines to hook your reader

5. Capture reader interest with great images and video content

6. Include more inbound and outbound links

7. Where does your target audience gather online? Meet them there

8. Use Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn to promote your blog and make connections, find new readers.

9. Submit your posts to social book marking sites like Reddit and  StumbleUpon

10. Write a guest blog for others and also feature guest blogs on your own blog.

11. Comment on other blogs

12.. Encourage readers to subscribe to your blog’s feed via RSS or email

13. Add your blog’s url to your email signature

14. Make it easy for readers to share your content

Do you have a question on how to blog effectively?

Leave a comment below and we will be happy to help you find the answer.

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2 responses to “Find It Friday: How to drive more traffic to your blog.”

  1. Martine Brennan says :

    This is so easy to read and digest. Thank you Marie. I would really encourage people to write about what they feel passionate about. I am finding it much easier to write since I amde my blog about family and finding freedom from the shadows.

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