Find It Friday! Creating Your About Page

Welcome to the Find It Friday feature in which we help you find the answers to your how to blog questions. 

The Question

This week a reader asks what should you include on your About page.

The Answer

I know that as soon as I find a blog I like, I head straight to the About Page to find out more about the blog’s owner, so it’s important to make a great impression with this page, which often gets overlooked by blog owners.

5 Things You Should Do On Your About Page

1. Keep it  simple and to the point – don’t over-complicate it with superfluous  detail – make sure it communicates clearly your key offering.

2. Don’t make your About Page all about you. This may sound counter-intuitive – it is supposed to be about you after all, but think about it…the reader wants to know less about who you are as what you can do for them. So tell them.

3. Avoid technical speak or jargon. Be engaging and personable.

4. Include your name and a photograph of what you look like. Putting a face to a name makes you more recognisable and gives the reader a sense of who the person is behind the blog.

5. If you use video on your About Page, keep it short (no one is going to sit through 10 minutes of finding out who you are, no matter how interesting you think that is) and include text for the readers who don’t want to watch the video.


Do you have a question on how to blog effectively?

Leave a comment below and we will be happy to help you find the answer.

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2 responses to “Find It Friday! Creating Your About Page”

  1. speltforchoiceblog says :

    That’s a great blog post, very timely as I was just thinking of updating it. Tks:) Marian

  2. L. Byrne says :

    This is very timely for me too as I am just about to put the finishing touches to my own blog.

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