Enter Your Business Blog in the Blog Awards

Is your business an SME or a corporate business? Do you blog for your business? Are you aware of the Grafton Media Blog Awards Ireland event that is coming up soon?

There are two Best Business blog categories – one is Best Blog of an SME and is sponsored by Sage and the other is Best Corporate blog which is sponsored by Media Box.

Why should you nominate your blog for these awards?

  • It’s one way for people to find your blog and your business
  • Reaching the shortlist, longlist and/or the finals will certainly help with brand awareness and result in free publicity but so will having your blog published on the nominations list at the end of July.
  • Free publicity can include local and national mentions in the press and radio.
  • Having your work recognised and rewarded will give you such a buzz.
  • It will help you connect with other bloggers and businesses.
  • It helps you to assess your own blog and become focused on results and improvements.
  • Learn from other bloggers too.
  • There will be a great night out on 13th October!

So, don’t delay. It doesn’t matter whether you nominate your own blog or someone else does it for you but nominations close on 16th July so get to it – right here!

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I'm a copywriter and social media consultant at www.writeontrack.ie, I teach social media online at www.weteachsocial.com and my personal blog Irish Farmerette recounts stories about life on a dairy farm in rural Ireland.

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